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Design for Print Creativity & Functionality

Printed design that brings your brand to life, blending creativity, practicality and a touch of innovation.

We care about creating responsible printed design that creates stand-out for our clients’ brands, enabling them to create memorable experiences for their customers.

Design for print encompasses a huge area of design skills and disciplines. Optima has a long track record of delivering exciting printed and digital communications for all sorts of client briefs and thrive on the challenge to find new ways to get you noticed. Here are a few of the areas of design for print that we are really good at:

Our design for print expertise:

Corporate literature

Combining creativity with a keen eye for detail, we are pros at making even the most text-heavy information look beautiful with inspirational layouts. Whether it’s a brochure, catalogue, report, magazine or prospectus. We bring data to life with maps, graphs, charts, infographics, icons and illustrations which extend the visual language of your brand. We are experienced in typesetting languages of all different types and are real sticklers for accuracy and detail.

Exhibition and display

From trade stand spaces to museum and gallery exhibitions, we create attention-grabbing displays that effectively showcase your brand or exhibition and create unforgettable experiences for visitors. We bring an understanding of accessible design and engineering large-scale installations. And if you need something on a smaller scale, we create pop-up and pull-up portable displays that still pack a punch.

Promotional and campaign materials

We work closely with you to develop your message and ensure that it’s effectively communicated through every piece we create. From posters, flyers, and leaflets to branded gifts, we create attention-grabbing designs to make your brand stand out. Our creative team goes beyond the usual formats and materials, designing beautiful and tactile pieces that people will want to hold onto.

Packaging and POS

By getting to know your audiences and leveraging shopper insights, we design packaging and retail point of sale that packs a punch. We help launch new brands and products, strengthen brand awareness, and create shelf stand-out in the competitive retail environment. We’ll help shape your brand’s positioning, personality, and messaging to create a buzz around your product and increase customer loyalty by creating something extraordinary.

Illustration and infographics

We communicate through the use of visual imagery to enhance brand personality and tell stories. The creative team has developed a wide range of skills and styles from technical drawings to highly creative pieces of art. When it comes to visualising data, we’re experts at translating it into easily digestible infographics that provide an at-a-glance summary of the most important information, enhance understanding and effectively communicate with your audience.


We’ll help you to grab your audience's attention in a captivating way. Whether you’re looking to advertise in press and trade publications, or outdoors on billboards, buildings, and hoardings, or even on buses, trams, and trains, we've got you covered. Our team will help you present your brand with stunning design and characterful messaging that inspires the action you're looking for. We'll work with you every step of the way to create advertising materials that truly make an impact and get your message across loud and clear.

Corporate branding

Every business and organisation needs materials that allow them to present themselves professionally and consistently. From stationery and signage to interior spaces, templates, and toolkits, we can help you to maintain consistency and a high standard of creativity that helps you communicate effectively, both internally and externally.


We take great pride in our artwork and reprographic knowledge, which we’ve been honing in-house for over 25 years. Our team has an in-depth understanding of various print processes, as well as the technical requirements and constraints that come with designing for print. That means we're well-equipped to work closely with print suppliers and reprographic houses to ensure that your final printed materials are of the highest quality. We take every detail into account, ensuring that your designs are delivered to meticulous standards to represent your brand.

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