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Brand Identity Creativity & Strategy

Creative ideas informed by an insightful strategy are the magic formula for effective brand design.

Every brand has a unique story. We help to unearth what is at the heart of your business and products in order to create an intriguing sense of what your brand represents. 

We want to help people connect with your brand and our job is to supply the creative energy to bring your vision and values to life by crafting thought-provoking brand identities. We create an authentic representation of the business and give it personality – considering every part of the visual identity, messaging and tone of voice. 

We design, develop and are guardians of some influential brands and we understand the flexibility required to deliver a consistent presence across multiple brand touchpoints.

Our approach to brand creation or development:

Learning and listening

We like to get to grips with understanding as much about your business or organisation as we can. Whether you’re starting from scratch or revamping an existing brand, we take the time to understand your backstory, where you’re at, and where you’re headed. We’re interested in the big-picture stuff like your business value proposition, strategy, and vision for the future. But we’re also looking for those little gems that make you unique and help us create a brand that is distinctively and authentic to you.

Strategy and approach

To create a brand which resonates with your audience, we take the time to get to know your customers and understand how your business meets their needs. We also look at the industry environment and competitive landscape your brand operates. We connect all this information to inform a well-thought-out strategy to create brand awareness and build relationships with your audience.

Mood boards

We assemble our initial creative ideas and elements like images, graphics, materials, typography, messaging, and colours into collages or ‘mood boards’. These mood boards illustrate potential brand style routes and how they evoke the desired brand ‘feel’. Mood boards serve as a starting point of inspiration for designers and help align everyone involved in the project to bring the desired brand personality to life.

Brand identity

A successful brand consists of a set of elements which work together to create your identity. It consists of more than just a logo – it includes your name, tagline, logo or symbol, design style, colour, tone of voice, imagery and more. Our skilled creatives craft each element to create a synergy that amplifies your brand’s personality and creates an identity that sets you apart.

Brand assets and toolkit

We work with you to ensure you have the full range of brand assets in your toolbox to ensure your brand translates effectively to every environment, whether online or real world. Assets might include imagery, graphic devices, icons, illustrated elements, infographics and more. We’ll ensure you know how to apply your brand effectively and consistently in different situations with clearly defined colour values, font selections and design guidelines.

Brand collateral

We can’t design a brand effectively without demonstrating how all the different brand elements come together to create an impactful presence. We work with your newly created brand and its application to the channels you use most – whether it is on websites, social channels, presentations, email, printed documents, brochures, leaflets, posters, print advertising, packaging, direct marketing, retail point-of-sale, exhibition, signage or interior graphics.

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