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Email Marketing Personalised & timely

Growing your business through nurturing leads via email marketing.

Nurture your audience

Email marketing possesses the ability for companies to grow their revenue whether through re-engaging with previous customers or through nurturing newly acquired leads. Optima will work closely with your business to compile an email marketing strategy that is bespoke and works best for you.
We believe to fully optimise any email campaign, emails should work concurrently with a multichannel marketing campaign whether this being through SEO, PPC, social media, content marketing, direct marketing, and so forth. We understand that in order to achieve high purchase-intent leads and sales then everything needs to be in tune with one another.

For this reason, we undertake the right research and test emails to ensure that your marketing communications are just right for the target audience, from tone of voice to CTAs and even subject titles. We make data-driven decisions on all email campaigns to heighten open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates.

We will look at what mailing list and lead generation techniques will work best for your business to ensure that your email subscribers are targeted towards your business and are the most likely to convert after careful nurturing.


Email marketing to maximise sales in B2B and B2C industries

We will not just help you to acquire leads and sales… our strategies are bespoken to provide businesses with a perpetual campaign that nurtures leads, to capture sales even after the first purchase.

Our digital marketers use tried and tested methods that are effective in whichever industry they have operated in. Our email marketing agency has worked with a variation of clients from local sole traders to national businesses, e-commerce websites, intergovernmental and NGO organisations to achieve their goals and ambitions.

Our email marketing campaigns include:

  • Building your existing email list through numerous marketing tools
  • Nurturing and converting brand-loyal customers
  • Acquiring quality leads that will continue purchasing in the years to come
  • Track and report on metrics (ROI, open rate %, click-through rate %, and conversion rate %)
  • Re-engage previous customers
  • Devise a fully-automated follow-up campaign

Our approach

We spend a bit of time getting to know your business the sector you operate in and what you can tell us about your current customers. We will ask a lot of questions as we seek to gain a deep understanding of your business objectives, values and vision. We’ll get to know you as a brand and what makes you unique.

We pride ourselves on compiling the proper research on your target audience to ensure our campaigns are optimal and tailored to appeal to your customers. From segmenting your existing mailing list to positioning the right copy in front of your prospective customers to conducting email A/B testing to test differing variations of copy, subject headers, and email structure will provide us with key data on what works best for your company.

Ensuring your email subject headers and copy are tailored to resonate with your audiences can be the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful email campaign. 

Our expert marketers and our award-winning in-house graphic design team will collate on your email campaigns to produce an email campaign to generate results and showcase your business to your earned mailing lists.

As a multi-discipline agency, Optima are well-versed across our departments to manage your email marketing campaigns from start to finish.

Our award-winning graphic design team can develop visually appealing emails that grab your target audience's attention and encapsulate your brand and what you stand for. We will start off by analysing your current mailing list (if you have one) and detail a strategy to segment your audience to ensure that the right content is being delivered to the right people. 

Similarly, with our other digital marketing services, all campaigns are 100% trackable and we will report on progress. 

These reports allow the campaign to grow perpetually as we acquire more data around your target audience. 

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Email Marketing FAQs

Email marketing refers to the practice of utilising emails within your business operations to nurture/incentivise/reward your customers.

A very powerful digital marketing platform, when conducted correctly and is pivotal to any successful marketing campaign. 

Email marketing allows you to automate your whole nurture sequence from acquisition, through to conversion, and post-sales engagement.

Yes, email marketing works best when you are utilising this marketing technique alongside alternative endeavours. 

The subject line is critical for any successful email marketing campaign. You only have a set amount of characters to grab your target audience's attention amongst the sea of emails that can appear in a person's inbox. 

A poorly written subject line will more often than not end up in the recipient's spam folder or not even open the email. Tried and tested power words will increase the chances of your email being read by your target audience.