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Starring Theatre Company Reimagining a classic production for an iconic Lincoln performance

Set against the backdrop of Lincoln cathedral, reimagined as Notre Dame, the local production of Hunchback needed Optima to create a new aesthetic to promote the show.


The Starring Lincoln Theatre Company creates amazing musical theatre productions.

Most productions have used the spectacular backdrop of Lincoln’s gothic cathedral, including Oliver and Jesus Christ Superstar. In 2022 the theatre company transported us to fifteenth-century Paris in a reimagining of ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’ where, this time, Lincoln Cathedral made a fantastic substitute for Paris’ gothic architectural masterpiece – Notre Dame.


  • Design for print


  • The arts

Optima created the dramatic show artwork, depicting Lincoln Cathedral as a reflection in the wet cobbles of the iconic Notre Dame facade. Both buildings are depicted in a painterly style using a vibrant, intense, atmospheric colour palette to represent fifteenth-century Paris.


Crafting a dark and monstrous aesthetic

Optima created the show artwork used in promotional materials, advertising, and the show programme for its sell-out twelve-night run. We created an atmospheric approach to imagery, adapting cathedral and cast imagery with graphic treatments designed to reflect the torment of Quasimodo and Esmeralda and the monstrous characters who pursue them to their death. We feel the results are incredibly gothic!