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Lincolnshire County Council Calling out bullying in schools with an illustrated poster campaign

The Schools Stop Bullying Campaign we designed for tackles bullying head on using emotive language


Tackling bullying issues using emotive language and illustrations.

The subject of bullying can be a challenge to tackle sensitively and creatively. Optima welcomed the opportunity to devise different ways of executing Lincolnshire County Council’s messaging around this subject. We designed a highly illustrated bullying campaign that fosters better understanding, inclusivity, and embracing diversity. We also highlighted which behaviours constitute bullying. 


  • Logotype
  • Illustration
  • Design for print


  • Local government

Optima created a variety of poster styles, tackling the reasons people bully and what constitutes bullying. We used purposely challenging language to highlight one thing bullies usually focus on – what makes us individuals or ‘different’. We attempted to depict this as something that should be celebrated and embraced. 


We also created posters highlighting the need to speak up about bullying and not suffer in silence. The campaign was used in secondary schools around Lincolnshire, and the different posters we designed were connected as a campaign with the simple ‘Stop Bullying’ logotype, which we also created. The consistent call to action was to seek help online by accessing a dedicated website.