Work Experience

I came with the idea as most people do when doing work experience of coffee making and mainly just observing the work place. Absolutely not with Optima!

This week started out with me being honestly nervous about the amount put on my plate. The timetable showed me on visits and meetings with clients and with a mock marketing strategy project to keep me busy in gaps.

I, before starting this week, had seen the outcome of Optima production but never the actual process or the detail and refinement that goes into each step of the design process.

I have spent 5 days with Optima and in only 5 days they have confirmed what career I hope to look towards.

So what did I actually do?

  • Basic front of house
  • Researching for meetings
  • Meetings with clients
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Visited a printer
  • Production meeting
  • Team meeting
  • Role of estimator
  • Role of project support
  • Creating a mock marketing campaign
  • Even writing a blog…

I’ve found I’ve left with an obsession with paper. Through learning about the textures, colours, thicknesses, finishes, layered paper even the effects used when ink sits on the page to make a texture. So at the printers, the inner child on Christmas day came out excited by every detail that goes into the finished product.

Before this week I pictured a printer’s being a massive normal printer like you’d find at home. To say I was overwhelmed when we arrived at the printer’s is a broad understatement.

This week has been above and beyond anything I’ve done before.

Thank you for the opportunity.