Optima and COVID-19 – business but not as usual

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many challenges across the world and we appreciate that our clients, partners and suppliers are facing significant worry and uncertainty. For Optima we moved in a planned and considered way to move our team offsite and to deliver business potentially as usual for our clients.

We wanted to give you an update and clarification particularly for those of you we are currently delivering work for.

Your health and our health

The most important thing is your and our safety. During this pandemic and until we are told otherwise social distancing is going to be the new norm. So, we are using Skype, Microsoft Teams and Zoom to stay in touch alongside our usual emails, Basecamp project management and Invision for proofing and commenting. We are already very well practised in these tools using them with our international clients. For now, meetings will all take place online and our beautiful new offices will not be open to the public. We are (with the space our building the Duke offers us) planning how we can manage a safe and staged return at some point we hope.

Your contacts

Our employees across the business are now working from home with full access to files and resources and remain in regular contact with their project teams and clients. We are working through a VPN to enable the security and integrity of our data to stay intact. The Managing Directors are on site to direct and assist the team with information - so if you need anything - call the office. Simon and Tracy are both available to take calls and directing projects and resources.

Your projects and timescales

We shall endeavour to report back to you as quickly as possible - and at present all our projects remain on track and on schedule. We appreciate many of our contacts are working from home too so sometimes information takes longer to transfer. But we are working hard to stay up-to-speed.

Customer support

Optima have always prided ourselves on delivering. During this unprecedented time we have witnessed a lot of changes in priorities and communications so we are working hard to listen to what you need and help you – we have always been agile and flexible. You may need new messaging for your customers, getting e-commerce up and running, planning your next steps, planning to getting through this week. We are here to listen, help, think, support and help – creatively…or just to listen.

Our team will continue to operate business as usual. Our operating hours, 8.30am–5.30pm UK time, remain the same and all clients will continue to have access to our usual out-of-hours support via email: help@optimadesign.co.uk

Our business health

When all this really kicked in five weeks ago, many marketing teams and projects went on hold. We balanced that shortage in demand by furloughing some staff as the work fell away quickly. Now that enquiries are coming in again all our staff are beyond the minimum 3-week furlough period and we are able to bring them back into the business as the need arises. Also, as a business Optima have always been proud of our financial stability and how robust we are. We have always planned for rainy days… we have seen many global and national downturns in the last 25 years, and we are experienced and planning hard to come through this and be here for you on the other side.

Our contingency planning

Our own contingency planning has evolved regarding our team, our business, our suppliers (including printers and distribution houses) to continue giving great client service and delivery. As a result, we have drafted a revised Business Continuity Plan. We communicate daily. We may not be travelling internationally any time soon, but we are a short call or online meeting away.

This may not be business as usual, but Optima are (and will be) here for you.
If we can support you in any way during this difficult period, please get in touch.

Stay safe