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IAPB Advancing global action for eye health

Our website for IAPB brings together a network of global professionals working towards universal access to eye care.

IAPB Vision Atlas map view on website

A dynamic and engaging hub for the global community of health professionals working in sight care and blindness prevention. 

The objective of the International Association for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB) website was to become the “go-to” channel for global partners working towards better access to eye health.
Optima designed and built a website to position IAPB and its members as thought leaders and to increase membership, partnerships, participation, investment and funding. The website enables advocacy and sharing knowledge by presenting data and statistics and supporting learning and innovation.


  • WCAG version 2.1 AA accessibility standard
  • UX design
  • Front/back end development
  • Weglot integration
  • WordPress CMS
  • Data visualisation


  • Global health



A complex yet beautiful and accessible website that is packed full of features

UX strategy

IAPB wanted to combine all of its “services” under one URL. This encompasses the IAPB knowledge and advocacy hubs, campaign areas, and their member directory. The IAPB ‘Vision Atlas’, which presents global data about eye health, and ‘Valued Supplier Scheme’ (VSS), a procurement portal, were to also be accommodated as part of the project. 
The UX strategy focused on translating and balancing the organisation’s complex needs with a straightforward navigation and user journey. This initial research, planning and scoping resulted in a plan to house everything except the Value Supplier Scheme within the same single WordPress CMS for the IAPB team – and a strategy to segment the website for users through the design. 

UX/UI design

The UX design creates for users the look and feel of microsites, within the website, for the World Sight Day campaign, Vision Atlas and VSS. These are navigable from the main menu and launch buttons on the homepage. These are designed with their own identity within the overall IAPB theme, allowing them to be promoted with individual launch pages to support campaigns and specific service promotions.
The site is clean, simple, visually engaging and beautifully responsive. Detailed research was undertaken beyond usual accessibility requirements to understand colour-blindness implications. These informed the digital guidelines on which the UI was built. 

Robust digital guidelines and UX/UI design uphold accessibility standards and brand consistency

IAPB Digital Brand Guidelines
IAPB World Sight Day Example

4 languages English, French, Spanish, Chinese

AA Accessibility Standard

AM Charts Integration for data visualisation

The website Optima has created for IAPB marks the beginning of a new chapter in global eye health. It has helped their team focus on the future by allowing content to be managed efficiently and adapted quickly.

We delivered the first two parts of the project, comprising the main website and Vision Atlas, within a challenging 3-month timeframe allowing IAPB to launch on World Sight Day 2020. Achieving this meant that the Queen could participate in a zoom call to discuss the new site as part of IAPB’s week-long event. This WordPress site uses Weglot to translate content into additional languages. 

IAPB’s Valued Supplier Scheme section was the final part of the website to be developed and is the only part deployed on a separate WordPress CMS, whilst still feeling like part of the main site.

A person sat down with a laptop navigating through the IAPB Vision Atlas website
Quote marks

It has been a pleasure to work with Optima on IAPB’s website and Vision Atlas redesign projects. 

They have a high skill level with design and development, but are also very open and collaborative in their approach - they will always consider suggestions and resolve any queries without fuss.
We’ve had excellent feedback from our stakeholders on both projects. Over the past two years, we’ve regarded Optima as a valued partner to our team due to the impressive results they’ve delivered.

Michael Morton

Consultant, International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB)