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The Lincolnshire Show It’s showtime!

Devising a campaign brand and associated marketing materials for the 138th Lincolnshire Show.


A new design aesthetic for the Big Show.

The previous Lincolnshire Show branding had been used for multiple years and needed a refresh. The show team wanted something that was more energetic, better represented the atmosphere of the show and championed the event and all things Lincolnshire. 

Our initial approach to the project was to conceptualise the brand as an entire campaign, looking at how the new identity would roll out across various platforms and how each element would adapt effectively to encourage the audience to engage and participate.

Three options were finalised and then presented to the Showground team to decide on a final option, each with its own approach and application, but all had the same core idea. We wanted to replace the static, and overly used stock imagery of the existing brand and replace with photography taken from past shows, to introduce a true reflection of the annual event and add a deeper layer of authenticity.



  • Agriculture
  • Public events
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This year, the Lincolnshire Agricultural Society rebranded the Lincolnshire Show with Optima Graphic Design Consultants. They provided fantastic creative ideas during the initial briefing, making the final artwork choice challenging. The 'Big Show' brand was collaboratively developed for both print and digital mediums. Optima's team, especially Dan, offered exceptional customer service with clear and prompt communication for adjustments and queries. The LAS highly recommends Optima for rebranding and creative needs, anticipating a continued partnership beyond 2023.


After a brand direction was chosen, we moved forward to rollout the identity and update all the printed and digital materials used for the Lincolnshire Show, this included the creation of a stylised map for the event, social media templates that could be used by the client to create their own posts and even a bus livery. The 2023 Lincolnshire show was the biggest yet, and saw a total of 58,000 people attend over the two day event, with over 631,000 impressions on social media using the Big Show Brand.