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Norwegian People’s Aid Reporting on Global Mine and Cluster Munitions Action

The 392-page Mine Action Review presents important research in a clear and engaging way. We have updated the library each year using a tried and tested approach.

Collection of Cleaning the mines booklet Collection of Cleaning the mines booklet

For the past six years we have designed and produced the definitive guide to global efforts to eradicate anti-personnel landmines.

The work of the Mine Action Review is produced by a team of researchers dedicated to assessing progress in survey and clearance in accordance with the obligations laid down in the Cluster Munitions and the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention.

Optima recognised the design of the document needed to reflect the gravity of the subject matter and present the research data in a precise, consistent and impactful way which allows readers to draw comparisons between countries’ progress.

Mine Action Review Clearing Cluster Munition Remnants booklet 2022
Mine Action Review Logo

Optima were commissioned by Norwegian People’s Aid to design and produce the annual Mine Action Review ‘Clearing the Mines’ Report and the sister publication ‘Clearing Cluster Munition Remnants’. Both include individual country profiles for every state and other areas affected by anti-personnel mines and/or cluster munition remnants.

The reports provide information on contamination and progress in clearance and an analysis and scoring of national mine action programme performance and recommendations for action. The reports act as an implementation tool for the sector, to help overcome challenges and enable states to reach completion of their clearance obligations as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Multi-directional, linear graphics with dynamic movement and colour form the foundation of the design