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Lincolnshire County Council A new brand to represent Lincoln’s award-winning Museum & Art Gallery

Lincoln Museum & Usher Art Gallery


A new vision for Lincoln Museum, located in the heart of Lincoln’s cultural quarter

Optima has a long history of working with Lincoln’s city-centre museum and art gallery. Collectively, they are the home to a diverse range of art and artefacts, from Lincolnshire’s earliest inhabitants to the latest contemporary art from Lincolnshire and beyond. They approached Optima to reimagine their brand, which previously encompassed both attractions under the name “The Collection”, to a new brand approach as “Lincoln Museum” and “Usher Art Gallery”.

We created new logos and visual identities for each site, incorporating a refreshed colour palette and fonts and implementing this across all site signage. We completely updated the brand guidelines and assets to launch the new brand identity across all channels.


  • Brand identity
  • Brand guidelines and toolkit
  • Signage
  • Exhibition


  • Heritage services

All elements of the identity were designed to create maximum impact and communicate effectively with an understanding of the correlation between Lincoln Museum and The Usher Gallery. It is important that the two venues are aligned in visual identity yet communicate separately with different offers, events and collections where necessary.

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We are proud to have been involved in shaping the renewed identity of the Lincoln Museum, a journey that began with crafting its original brand identity in 2005. Seeing the evolution of this cultural cornerstone continues to be something we are passionate about.

In 2005, Optima led the development of the original identity for “The Collection”, collaborating closely with the Lincolnshire County Council as the new museum project took shape. Our commitment went beyond professional commitment; we had a genuine passion for the award-winning transformation of the city centre site, which inspired us to gift the cost of the new museum identity to the city.

Throughout the original project, we embraced the concept of bringing various aspects of “this Collection” and “that Collection” into a city-centre space, creating a narrative that would captivate the people of Lincoln, allowing them to connect with and learn from their rich past. Thus, we proposed the name “The Collection,” and the rest, as they say, became history. Today, we continue to take pride in contributing to a cultural landmark that is a testament to Lincoln’s vibrant heritage.

Simon Shaw

Managing Director, Optima

A new brand document articulates the new brand identity and colours that are the perfect balance of modernity meets heritage.



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