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Jimmy’s Popcorn and more – Jimmy’s brand development and bespoke snacking ranges

Optima is helping Jimmy’s, the Dutch popcorn company, extend their reach in European cinemas and supermarkets.


Jimmy’s is an independent, family-owned cinema popcorn and snack business based in Rotterdam.

Optima has worked with Jimmy’s for several years, developing the core and various product brands. Jimmy’s has retained the original logo throughout, which gives a nod to the American market, home of Hollywood and the heritage of the golden age of cinema. Optima has developed the brand identity around the logo, balancing the classic logo with playful typography and larger-than-life imagery. We have created a fresh colour palette with tone and depth. Whilst subtle stripe patterns reference vintage popcorn tub styles, the overall feel is modern, fresh and relevant to today’s cinema audience. There is a focus on the cinema and popcorn experience, which are authentic to Jimmy’s history. 


  • Brand
  • Packaging
  • Illustration


  • Food and drink

Cinema nostalgia with traditional paper serving cup

In stark contrast to the super-slick modern cinema tubs, we created a traditional popcorn box design for Jimmy’s with a thoughtful 1950s style. The design uses illustrations that promote popcorn quality, ingredients and the cinema experience. Each side has a different message, visual and vintage colouring. The cup is a fun nod to a past cinema era which reflects Jimmy’s long commitment to cinema. Jimmy’s is always open to finding different ways to connect with the consumer, promoting their popcorn and its long connection with cinema and sharing. Here Jimmy’s logo is adapted into the overall aesthetic of the cup design whilst retaining its signature stripes and oval shape.


The cup was commissioned for use in selected cinemas without branded popcorn concessions.


Introducing Jimmy’s Supreme Nachos

Jimmy’s also has a nachos range – ‘Supreme Nachos’ and asked Optima to develop a bold new brand identity, distinct from Jimmy’s core brand style. 

We created the Supreme Nachos brand to feature distinct Mexican-inspired typography and bright colours to match the punchy flavours. The visual identity also features Mexican patterns and mariachi band references; each flavour has a different moustache style. The brand has been applied to cinema serving boxes and 150g sharing bags with an accompanying range of dips. The ‘fresh and made with love’ badge appears as a reminder of Jimmy’s family-run business and their commitment to the quality of the ingredients.