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Insead A global business school connecting the world’s professionals

Optima created a campaign to promote Insead in the middle east, highlighting how the business school's global network strengthens the experience.


We created a digital marketing campaign to promote Insead’s Global Executive MBA programme in the middle east.

Insead is one of the world’s leading graduate business schools, and they offer participants a global perspective that helps transform them as leaders.

The professional programmes they offer are available to students worldwide, either online or at one of their campuses in Europe (France), Asia (Singapore), the Middle East (Abu Dhabi) and North America (San Francisco). Insead commissioned Optima to help increase brand awareness and promote the Global Executive MBA programme, specifically in the middle east.

Joining an Insead programme gives you access to over 62,000 influential business leaders from across the globe. Students are part of a global network of professionals, sharing experiences at one of the world’s most prestigious and diverse business schools. Part of the creative campaign included representing this interconnected community using a colourful animated graphic around the globe, reflecting the INSEAD logo. It creates a dynamic shape with a fluid, energetic motion.


  • Campaign concept
  • Design for digital
  • Animation


  • Education

Emphasising Abu Dhabi as part of the global Insead family

Optima’s marketing strategy was to promote the Global Executive MBA programme available at the Abu Dhabi campus whilst reinforcing Insead’s international reach. In all advertising, we listed the prominent Insead locations to support this whilst emphasising Abu Dhabi most prominently.

All creative elements were combined in the final digital marketing campaign, which included search engine advertising in the form of Google Display Ads and out-of-home advertising in a prominent position for business travellers at Abu Dhabi’s airport. We also created several other marketing assets for the internal teams, including video and email.