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Coveris A website reflecting Coveris as packaging innovators

Coveris' website evolves their brand identity across digital platforms and promotes their commitment to innovation, sustainability and waste reduction for the new packaging era.


Coveris are one of the leading packaging manufacturers for some of the world’s most well-known brands.

Packaging is a demanding market requiring manufacturers to create products which deliver on many levels – reduction in materials and waste whilst protecting the product, cost-efficiency and respecting the environment by using easily recyclable and sustainable materials wherever possible.

After completing a company-wide brand refresh, Coveris came to Optima to adapt the new corporate identity assets for online environments. Coveris’ brand refresh reflects its commitment to innovation, sustainability and waste reduction as a responsible manufacturer who understands the needs of the market. Optima worked with the new brand guidelines to bring these values to life across their digital channels, which include the European website and social media channels.


  • Brand development
  • Website Design
  • Front/Back End Development
  • ExpressionEngine CMS


  • Packaging


Optima created a contemporary design for the Coveris website, utilising their new brand guidelines but developing the visual identity for the digital environment. We created an attention-grabbing animated drawing on the website, showcasing some of the most successful product lines and their key features.

The website has a simple structure that segments information by product/technology type and market/sector, helping visitors find relevant information easily. To safeguard client confidentiality, we created ‘white label’ product renders using the Coveris visual identity to bring the different packaging lines to life.

Alongside the product information, the Coveris website showcases the business’s commitment to innovation by featuring information on the Food and Film Science Labs and the Pack Positive and Pack Innovation Centres.

The website is built on an Expression Engine CMS with a range of innovative fluid content blocks to allow variation in different pages and sections, ensuring the way information is displayed does not become repetitive or too formulaic.

The website has its own ‘sustainability’ section which takes on the ‘No Waste' campaign styling Optima designed for Coveris. This section highlights the company's commitment to achieving a target of zero product, packaging and operational waste and developing the best eco-efficient high-performance packaging solutions.