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E-commerce SEO Data-driven E-commerce SEO

Data-fuelled E-commerce SEO services

To reach a wider audience and drive more sales, you must ensure your website is fully optimised for search engines. This is especially true for e-commerce businesses. Optima is experienced in providing successful e-commerce SEO services that will ensure the right customers are landing on your website and are the most likely to convert into loyal customers.

Optima can help you stand out in the crowd. The e-commerce market is incredibly competitive, and well-managed SEO can give you an edge over your competitors. By ranking higher in search results, you can attract new customers and keep existing ones returning for more. But SEO is not just about getting more traffic; it’s also about giving your visitors a better experience.

By optimising elements like page speed, navigation, and content, you can keep people on your site for longer, keep them engaged, and increase customer satisfaction which converts to higher sales revenue. 

We put much focus on getting e-commerce product optimisation right. Little things like duplicate product descriptions, lack of reviews, and generic product titles hinder gaining good rankings and losing potential customers. Our team thoroughly analyses everything from keyword research and structured data to images and videos to ensure your products are optimised for success.

We optimise e-commerce sites based on consumer behaviour, and category pages have a lot of potentials to influence search engine results when properly optimised. Focusing on these pages can boost rankings, attract more organic traffic, make it easier for people to make decisions, and ultimately drive conversions. 

Regular e-commerce SEO upkeep is required to be truly successful with a website but you can improve your website’s ranking by making simple optimisations, ultimately leading to more sales without breaking the budget.


Why is SEO important for e-commerce websites?

Without a well-thought-out strategy with the right research, an e-commerce website will struggle to attract traffic organically. As an e-commerce SEO agency, our digital team will ensure your website is primed to drive the traffic that you desire to bridge the gap on your sales targets.

The lower a website ranks in search engines, the likelihood of the website generating organic traffic decreases dramatically. Our evidence-based, e-commerce SEO strategies are highly targeted to bring your business the right customers while seamlessly guiding them through a predefined sales funnel and their journey to converting.

Our approach

Driving conversions and getting products ranked is the most important aspects of an E-commerce website. Without these two key elements, the E-commerce brand wouldn’t last very long. As such we do place a lot of emphasis on getting the product optimisation right.

Duplicate product descriptions, lack of product reviews, non-unique product titles, and so much more often plague E-commerce stores. These practices aren’t going to yield the desired results.

We’ll analyse everything from structured data to images and videos utilised to ensure the optimisation of products are fit for purpose.

When planning and executing a data-led Ecommerce SEO strategy, the user journey and consumer behaviour needs to be considered. Understanding the psychology of how a consumer interacts with a website is crucial to an SEO strategy.

Category pages are quite often underutilised which is a big mistake in our eyes. There is so much potential to come from applying optimisation tactics to category pages.

The optimisation of category pages allows us to increase rankings, attract more organic traffic, satisfying the consumer-decision making process and ultimately drilldown on conversions. Our Ecommerce SEO experts will provide your website with the resources to rank well and ensure everything is ticking well to achieve the results that you yearn for.

To be truly successful with an E-commerce website, SEO analysis is required on a frequent basis to ensure the website is technically sound to rank well. With the nature of operations that come with an E-commerce store means that changes can be persistent.

Our digital team strives for technical excellence. Therefore, if the technical SEO side of things isn’t properly monitored and addressed then problems can occur further down the road.

Even though SEO is more concerned towards the acquisition of organic traffic through search engines, the most transparent and experienced of E-commerce SEO agencies will look at everything, this is where conversion rate optimisation (CRO) comes into the mix.

Understanding how users interact with a website and their journey to convert is the difference between a flourishing e-commerce store and a dwindling one. Therefore, any E-commerce SEO agency could drive traffic to your website. However, if time and effort haven’t been invested in analysing how potential customers use the website, then revenue will inevitably be lost.

Our digital marketing team are able to provide training to your internal teams on all SEO-related activities that'll keep your website competitive and continuing to attract as much organic traffic as possible.

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E-commerce SEO FAQs

E-commerce SEO is essentially numerous strategies and processes that an e-commerce SEO agency would compile based on thorough research. E-commerce SEO enables a website to enhance its organic visibility within search engines, whether that being Google, Bing or any alternatives.

The overall goal of e-commerce SEO is to drive heightened organic traffic to a website to convert new/returning customers into sales.

While we are aware that some e-commerce SEO agencies and freelancers make this promise, it is a very unrealistic promise to make. As such, this is not a promise that we can make. Within SEO, many factors determine where a website will rank.

Google for example, has over 200 ranking factors, and not all are known, however, through our experience and knowledge, we have a solid understanding of how to get websites to rank higher in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

Optima promises to keep an open and honest dialogue with your business.

No, SEO is a gradual process which requires a long-term strategy to improve your rankings. A successful SEO strategy can only be achieved through consistent attention and monthly maintenance. It may take several months to see noticeable results; each industry is different.

We mainly work with e-commerce websites based on the WooCommerce and Shopify CMS but can work on websites with alternative payment gateway integrations. It is worth giving us a call or email to speak with one of our dedicated account managers to see how we can support you.

We’d recommend that you get in contact with our team so we can discuss your needs in detail. You will receive a free, no-obligation consultation with us to get a flavour of how we can support you.