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Optima is more than a digital marketing agency, we are a full spectrum, in-house Graphic Design Consultants based in the heart of Lincoln. When you walk through our door we can not only look after your internet marketing, but we can also take care of your branding, print and any design work. This is why we have such long-term relationships with our clients.

Digital Marketing Services 

We pride ourselves in offering our clients a bespoke digital marketing strategy based on research in their specific industry or niche.

The findings from the research will influence internet marketing tactics, which will deliver the strategy. Our advice is always based on fact and not fiction and is unique.

What Digital Marketing Services do we Offer? 

There are a plethora of online marketing services available to businesses, but we will always concentrate on the ones that will yield the best ROI. The services we off are as follows:

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) 

If you need your website to play a key role in attracting new clients or converting a sale, then SEO is the foundation of a successful site. A structurally weak website will not be found by the search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Optima’s SEO Service

Without getting too technical, we would analyse your website and then prioritise the recommendation in order of what would have the greatest positive impact. Then we would systematically work through that list until all recommendation had been completed.

Common SEO Issues 

Having assessed hundreds of websites these are some of the recurring issues:

  1. Broken links.
  2. Large file sized images
  3. Underscores in the URLs.
  4. Missing Meta Descriptions.
  5. Missing or duplicate H1 tags.
  6. Low word count

Bespoke Search Engine Optimisation Service for local, national and international brands

Content Management

Content management is very closely linked to SEO. No matter how structurally flawless a website is, if it has little to no content it, it will perform badly in the search engine results. The more content there is on a website, the greater the number of keywords that the website can be found for.

Optima’s Content Management Service 

Content on existing pages would be prioritised first, ensuring that there is enough content and that the content is up to date and relevant. Afterwards, we would then create one large, unique piece of content a month, which can be cut into short-form pieces of content, quotes, stories and GIFs, and distributed across all relevant of social media platforms.

Social Media Management 

Having a sound social media management plan, linked to content from the website, is critical in raising brand awareness and driving additional traffic to your website. By targeting relevant hashtags, you can quickly get your brand in front of your desired audience. Social media done well can be profitable, social media executed poorly is a waste of money and time.

Social Media Management Service 

We would preferably create content for your website first, then we would share that content on all of your social media profiles and it will always link back to your site. By doing it this way, it would drive extra traffic to your website. If your website receives more traffic than your competitors, it would have a positive impact on your search engine rankings.

Different social media platforms require different tactics and that is what we excel at. Finding what works on what platform to deliver results.


content management service by Optima in Lincoln

Google My Business Optimisation 

Your free Google business listing is, in essence, local SEO. Being placed in the top three listings known as the ‘three-pack’ is the goal for any B2C business. Why? It is where the majority of Google searchers click first and therefore that is where the money is. If you can be listed in the three pack and in the organic search results, then a potential client would see you twice on page one Google. The more often you are seen on the first page of Google, the greater the trust you would gain from a potential customer.

Our digital marketer has a proven track record in optimising Google My Business accounts

Google My Business Service 

Optima will optimise your existing account or create a new one, but only if it does not exist.


Being listed in the top three on Google My Business is where the money is

All photos will be keyword saved and geo-tagged, this is one of the most important aspects to ranking in the magic three-pack. Then we would add a post once a week, which will continually add rich content to your listing and share each post on all of your social media accounts. Driving traffic to your Google Listing will help in its ranking.

Google Ads (PPC)

The quickest way to the top of Google is to advertise with Google Ads. The top four results for any competitive search term will always produce results from businesses that have a sound Google PPC campaign.

However, if your landing page is of poor quality your cost per click will be far greater. We recently moved a client from a single page to a thirty-five-page website, which cut the cost per click by 50%.


Google Ads is the top of Google and a service that Optima provides

YouTube Pre Roll Ads

Pre-roll YouTube Ads are still underutilised, and they give the advertiser an uninterrupted five seconds before a YouTube viewer can watch their desired video and you only pay when they show interest. Video content is a great way for a business to engage with their potential new customers. This would be managed through your Google Ads account.

Optima’s Pay Per Click and YouTube Pre Roll Ads Management Service

YouTube pre-roll ads is the best way to get in front of your competitors audience

Optima will set up a Google Ads account in your company’s name, granting administrative rights to Optima’s Google Ad Managers account. Your business bank card will be linked to the account so that there is full transparency on the physical ad spend. Optima would then only charge you for the management of the account.

Facebook Ads

The two advantages that Facebook Ads has over Google Ads is that if done correctly, it is cheaper and the audience targeting is more refined. Therefore, it is accurate at putting your advert in front of the desired audience. Google Ads is great for when customers know your type of business or service exists, but Facebook Ads is perfect for finding you, new customers.

Facebook ads has the most eyeball watching it therefore your business needs to be there

LinkedIn Sponsored Post and InMail

For B2B business’s LinkedIn sponsored Post (the same as Facebook Ads) is a great opportunity to drive high quality leads either to your profile or website. However, the underused Sponsored InMail can have an open rate of over 70% and be opened by your targeted person in a particular organisation.

We have recently run a successful social media campaign for an international food and beverage company and at the heart of that campaign, we ran Sponsored InMail.

LinkedIn Sponsored InMail is marketing targeting at its best

Facebook and LinkedIn Ads Service by Optima

Similar to managing your Google Ads account we would have admin access to your business Facebook and LinkedIn pages and manage the running of the adverts.

Digital Marketing Expert

So, if you require advice from our digital marketing expert, then please get in touch and arrange a free consultation.

Digital Marketing FAQ's

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the promotion of your business on the internet, using various different digital tools and software. Including Pay Per Click with Google Ad Words, Social Media advertisement, email, mobile app design or Search Engine Optimisation.

Can you Guarantee Top Spot on Google? 

No. There are too many variables (ranking factors) that Google have not made public, to stop their system from being ‘gamed’. If another agency has promised you this, then they are probably implementing quick fixes that could have negative consequences on your website in the long run.

Google has penalised our website, can you help?

Yes, we can. We would initially look at what has happened leading up to the penalty and remove those practices or toxic backlinks. We would then give Google what it wants; high quality, spam-free and unique content that is search engine friendly.

What Locations do you Cover? 

As a full spectrum Graphic Design Agency, we have local, national and international clients that are not only based in the UK but also in Switzerland, Sweden, Norway and France. So, with the use of the internet, we will work with you no matter where you are.